Saturday July 24th 2010: For these two gigs we needed the support of Martyr drummer Wilfried Broekman. For the first time in SOS history we did Germany and we like it a lot. The Reithalle (horse circuit) in Uelsen was transformed into a concert hall for the Monsters of Rock. German people knows how to rock and the facilities were great. Thanks to Akira and Mannes for the excellent breakfast and the ride in the limousine. Special thanks to Mirjam for her hospitality at the VIP area.

Friday July 9th 2010: Nice Festival in Hoeselt Belgium, has been a long while since we've played there. With Foxe, leadsinger from Sabbathizer as a special guest on stage during Wasted Years we've made the audience crazy as usual. Special thanks to Lies Brone for her great hospitality.

Saturday July 6th 2010: Very special gig in Slagharen at the Spirtitten Motorclub festival. A gig actually for our tribute colleagues Up The Irons but because of private circumstances they couldn't make it. Watch the vids on You Tube. Thanks to Joey and his performance with us live on stage.

June is going to be a quiet month but we don't care. Everybody including us are watching the World Cup. See you soon!

Saturday May 22nd 2010: Yesterday we've had a great gig in a small place in Eibergen. We didn't expect too much of it but after all it became a huge party. For the encore we've played Dio's Holy Diver as a tribute to the greatest singer in Metal all times.
Today we did the same at the headlining show at Vroomshoop Bosrock. We rocked the place and the local newspaper wrote a nice article about it:

Monday March 29th 2010: After a successful UK tour we're moving back to Oostende by ferry. The English Iron Maiden fans were very surprised to watch the skills of a Dutch Tribute. English hospitality is great, except for drinks and food. Special thanks to the crew of Hark to Towler Bury and the Bath Morecambe. Hope to see you soon again!

Monday March 1st 2010: Last Saturday we returned to a place which was very successful for us last year. The people who saw SOS at Bosrock voted us back at the smaller stage at Het Front Vroomshoop. With almost 200 people in the house we enjoyed the show as much as they did. Thanks to the local Front crew and our roadies Caes, Esther and Do. Now we need to prepare for our UK tour at the end of this month. Hope to see you at April 9th in Oosterhout.

Saturday February 20th 2010: We've had a great time with the Unforgiven at the venue where it all started for SOS back in 2003, Azotod de Meern. In front of more than 200 outstanding Iron Maiden fans we've blew the roof off. They deserve all the honour for not letting us down that night. Special thanks to our new Charlotte Caecilia, roadie Nico and the Azotod crew, you did a great job! Hope to see you again in Vroomshoop this weekend!

Wednesday January 20th 2010: A little late but happy new year everyone, all the best wishes! 2010 started good already for SOS. After this weeks confimation about three more gigs (Azotod de Meern NL, Hoeselt Belgium and De Stier Eibergen NL) we've got a busy schedule the first four months. Iron Maiden is HOT and we're proud to spread the word! C-ya soon on the road!

Wednesday December 16th 2009: Three more new gigs confirmed. As a try-out for our UK tour in March we will be playing in a place we've been a couple of times before in the past. The Hoxemacoa in Lopik NL is the metal place to be and we'll bring a set of two hours that night. Our new management Bajvan Agency brought us back to Vroomshoop NL and Blue Eagle Events rearanged the succesfull tribute night from last November in Den Helder NL. More gigs to be anounced soon!

Tuesday December 2nd 2009: After two successful gigs in Willemsoord Den Helder and Rocks Enschede we are focusing on new opportunities. Preparing new songs for the upcoming UK tour and being in contact with venues in Germany, Belgium and Holland for the first half of 2010. You'll hear from us very soon!!!

Monday October 5th 2009: New gig in Bazar Den Helder confirmed. For the thirt time Blue Eagle Event presents a Heavy Metal Tribute night to Metallica and Iron Maiden. We've played this venue two times earlier in another venue at this area: Studio 62. The Bazar is an venue of an equal size. Our buddies from the Unforgiven are joining us again.

Saturday September 19th 2009: SOS is ready to go international in 2010. Besides a couple of "to be confirmed" gigs in Belgium and Germany we are working with an agency from the U.K. Couple of venues in Edinburgh and Manchester are interested. At the end of this year there's and option to do a minitour in the Ukraine. More info soon!

Tuesday September 15th 2009 : New date for a gig at the Wallies Harmelen confirmed! Saturday October 24th 2009 we will be back at a place where in all started for SOS back in 2004. The place will be a little too small to bring our whole show but we will play a set of two hours of Iron Maiden songs in return. Don't miss it!!!

Saturday September 12th 2009: First gig with our new bassplayer Vladik on Summer of Rock festival in Losser. A few days earlier he broke his finger but did an excellent job on stage. Thanks to the SOS crew Nico, Caes and Nancy and the promotors of this festival.

Tuesday June 2nd 2009: Holiday season starts for SOS and it will be a little quiet next couple of months. We'll use this time to work on some new songs and to get our bassplayer Vladik ready for a gig at September 12th 2009 at Wallies Harmelen. So, have a nice summer holiday and we will see you soon at the second half of 2009.

Saturday May 30th 2009: Great audience with lots of Iron Maiden fans at BosRock Vroomshoop, you were so great! We would like to thank the Bosrock Crew and the SOS crew Caes, Charlie and our stage dancing "Charlotte" Nancy. Special thanks to Benno Beerten for the Pyrotechnics, that was awesome!

Thursday May 21st 2009: Emile took an offer he couldn't refuse to join the legendary band VENGEANCE. He's going to play the last gig with us at May 30th at BosRock Vroomshoop. Somewhere on Stage found a new bassplayer in Vladik Budny. Vladik is from the Ukraine and a huge Steve Harris fan, in our opinion the right person to do the job. We wish Vladik all the best with this new challenge.

Thursday April 30th 2009: Queensday at "the smallest stage of Twente" alley. Great to be back in Enschede. Our gig in February this year was succesful enough to return to the city. With lots of exciting girls who couldn't stop touching us we've played our gig at one of the weirdest outdoor stages ever. Think this was not the last time SOS played Enschede. Thanks to Luc and the Rocks crew for this awesome night!

Friday April 24th 2009: Midtown Deventer is one of these unforgetable places. SOS played without any show elements but the fans loves to hear the Iron Maiden Classics. Thanks to Rene and the whole Midtown crew!

Saturday April 18th 2009: Great gig at the Kasteel Alphen a/d Rijn. It was nice to be back at this great venue. Thanks to Nancy for the great Charlotte act and Cindy for being Eddie that night. You rock Alphen!!!

April 14th 2009: Our bass player Emile Marcelis is going to replace Barend Courbois at the legendary Dutch Hard rock band Vengeance. We are wishing Emile all the best in the world with this great opportunity. YOU ROCK EMILE!

April 9th 2009: New gig confirmed at BosRock Vroomshoop. 18 bands, two stages. More info to come...

Sunday March 29th: SOS in contact with a foundation in Zutphen for a gig ar April 21st during the afterparty of the Iron Maiden movie Flight 666.

Saturday March 21st: Great gig in Azotod de Meern with lots of old friends. Thanks to Joop and the Azotod crew!

Wednesday March 11th: Bajvan Agency (agency for Lizzy Borden, Flotsam & Jetsam) shows interest in Somewhere on Stage with an option at Bosrock May 30th.

February 18th 2009: gig in het Kasteel Alphen confirmed. Unfortunately without our buddies from the Metallica tribute The Unforgiven but with two other local supportbands.

February 6th 2009: Great gig somewhere on the smallest stage in Twente Enschede. We will be back at the end of this year for another gig. Thanks to Luc and the crew and audience of Cafe Rocks. We've had a great time!

February 5th 2009: Azotod gig in March confirmed, the venue where it all started for SOS back in 2003.

January 18th 2009: Great gig in Harderwijk with the sexy ladies from Hysterica, great audience and excellent atmosphere. Special thanks to Marlous for using her livingroom as backstage.

Januari 8th 2009: Midtown is inviting Somewhere on Stage to come back to Deventer again (NL) we probably return approx April or May

Januari 5th 2009: New gig confirmed at February 6th in The Rocks Enschede (NL)

January 1st 2009: Happy New Year!!!

December 21st 2008: Somewhere on Stage is in negotiation with the Venue where it all started back in 2003, Azotod de Meern (NL) probably new gig with The Unforgiven (Metallica tribute) on March 21st

December 18th 2008: First try out gig confirmed January 18th in The Mac Harderwijk (NL) as support from the Swedish all female Metalband Hysterica

December 4th 2008: First rehearsal after one year of silence

November 13th 2008: Somewhere On Stage is restarting the engine, ready to take off again!