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Wednes May 13, 2015
It is Wednesday May 13th as we are heading for a venue called Gryphus in Vierlingsbeek , the South East of Brabant, NL. We were all a bit late because of the unexpected traffic jams, the Thursday will be a national holiday in the Netherlands and lots of people spend their extended weekend in the Sou... Read more
Sunday March 22, 2015
It is March 20th 2015 as our journey to Middelburg Zeeland is about to begin. We are invited to play a gig at Bar American for a charity event for ‘Rock voor de Molukken’. The last time we’ve played this venue was in 2006, the early days of Somewhere On Stage, we’ve had some good memories a... Read more
Wednesday July 31, 2013
We'll celebrate our 10 year anniversary in the Stairway to Heaven in Utrecht, on friday the 6th of september this year! Free entrance so join us to throw a nice party!... Read more
Wednesday July 2, 2012
Flash! We'll be performing on the HobNob festival in Almelo upcoming Saturday! Showtime at 23:00 hours. In 2011 we have played her already before a great crowd on a big stage. We're gonna ROCK again!  ... Read more
Monday April 8, 2013
We had a great gig in café De Fles in Spijkenisse, with a very enthusiastic crowd! Thanks everone for shouting with us, and hopefully see you next time!      ... Read more
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